Fair-faced concrete with surfaces of your choice: reworked, structured, reprofiled

Concrete cosmetics: Correcting characteristics of facades, ceilings, walls and floors

Facades and walls in impeccable exposed concrete look

Concrete cosmetics is a special skill. It requires the combination of practical application technology and system-tested materials with a lot of expertise, experience and intuition. It is only by bringing together all these factors that the desired effects can be achieved with concrete cosmetics. Our specialists do not compromise; their sole drive is to achieve the desired look and feel of the concrete.

Concrete Cosmetic Work

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Everything as planned

Fair-faced concrete is an architectural facet of modern building interiors. The expectations of architects and building owners is based, on the one hand, on a subjective assessment, and on the other hand, on objective categories.

Optimise fiar-faced concrete areas with a concept
It does not matter whether category EC1, EC2, EC3 or EC4 is used in individual cases for each property, our PSS concrete cosmetics optimises the overall impression of the respective facade, wall, ceiling or floor according to the set requirements. By using special application techniques, we level out and visually emulate the defective areas with the rest of the surface. Depending on the condition, objectives and options, this can be achieved on the basis of different concrete cosmetics concepts.

  • Partial surface treatment
  • Full surface treatment
  • Combined surface treatment