Fair-faced concrete with surfaces of your choice: reworked, structured, reprofiled

Concrete cosmetics: Correcting characteristics of facades, ceilings, walls and floors

Facades and walls in impeccable exposed concrete look

Concrete cosmetics is a special skill. It requires the combination of practical application technology and system-tested materials with a lot of expertise, experience and intuition. It is only by bringing together all these factors that the desired effects can be achieved with concrete cosmetics. Our specialists do not compromise; their sole drive is to achieve the desired look and feel of the concrete.

Concrete cosmetic

  • At a glance
  • Reprofiling concrete
  • Structuring concrete
  • Retouching concrete

Cosmetic concrete - simply beautiful concrete

Fair-faced concrete falls into a certain qualitative category. But flaws can appear in some places on concrete walls and floors when concrete is made on-site. And the concrete may also have been damaged through wear during the construction phase. Often the appearance of the fair-faced concrete is visibly and permanently affected for various reasons. By using selective application techniques, our qualified PSS specialists will create the fair-faced concrete look you want.

Reprofiling concrete

It is necessary to reprofile fair-faced concrete if any of the following defects are noted:

  • faulty edges
  • chippings
  • honeycombing/pockets
  • large stones
  • formwork ties
  • excess moisture
  • evident separation at the base of the formwork
  • drag water and flow marks, etc.
  • Creating the perfect surface in these areas requires

In this case a substantial amount of reworking is required, i.e. our cosmetic specialists

"repair" these defects. The recesses are filled on a mineral basis with special mortars and powders for fair-faced concrete cosmetics. The characteristics of the surfaces are then perfectly matched with great expertise. The work is either performed in individual areas on the property or

over the entire surface depending on the situation. Our specialists restructure and reprofile in particular formwork areas on ceilings and walls as well as edges and stairs.

Structuring concrete

A new surface structure is added if:

  • unwanted formwork designs have been concreted
  • no consistent formwork designs are visible
  • concrete burrs were not removed properly
  • a new formwork design is wanted

Our specialists build up the new surface in several stages. New substrates are created to do this, raised areas such as burrs are smoothed in several stages and the concrete look is achieved through a finely nuanced treatment of the surface. At the end of the process, the new formwork structure looks as if it has been concreted over.

Retouching concrete

We usually carry out a visual correction when these typical defects are visible:

  • streaks of rust
  • fading / discolouration of the release agent
  • badly coloured concrete
  • marks in the shell of the formwork
  • concrete burrs from downward spills
  • signs of the reinforcement structure

Our specialists apply a professionally prepared substrate. Next they produce a new surface with the characteristic look and feel of concrete. A solution with the typical tonal hue of concrete is the preferred option. Coloured designs are also possible. Mineral structural powder or a lightly pigmented concrete glaze is applied by hand or using spray technology.