Beautiful surfaces that last

PSS protection for surfaces, floors and for the construction phase, plus anti-graffiti systems

Maintenance of all substrates in the building with systems and concepts

The PSS specialists protect facades, walls and floors. Most used are PSS application systems from faceal and PSS-polysaccharide technology that are matched to fit in with the property. Proven in practice and applied over millions of square metres, they have established themselves in the market as the solution for efficient surface protection and anti-graffiti systems.

Floor protection

  • At a glance
  • faceal wetlook system

At a glance

We use a unique surface protection system from the faceal product portfolio for porous or even very porous floors: the Wetlook system. It makes looking after the floors easy, protects the substrate and is available in different grades of gloss.

faceal Wetlook system – transparent protection for floors

The faceal Wetlook system is used on porous and very porous surfaces, such as natural stone, concrete, terracotta, cement, paving stones and much more, to provide a protective seal against water and oil. The environmentally friendly product does not form films, it is water-based and does not contain any solvents or silicone.

  • water and oil-repellent
  • non-film forming aqueous impregnation
  • open to water vapour diffusion
  • gives the substrate a matt or satin matt wet look
  • intensifies the colour
  • UV and wear-resistant