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All this from just one supplier: Technology. Consulting. Implementation. In keeping with our philosophy, it goes without saying that our services are focused on the customer, his wishes and his requirements. A series of service components round off our core services - so that you can get an idea of the solutions we offer and make an informed decision. Talk to one of our specialist advisers!

A series of services

  • Property consulting
  • faceal Colour color cards
  • Sampling
  • Anti-graffiti maintenance concepts

Property consulting

Each property is unique. The local situation, the substrates and planned projects are interdependent. That is why they are important aspects for the professional solutions we offer. And why specialist advisers visit the site in person:

  • Inspection of the property
  • Options for implementing the services
  • Proposals taking into consideration sustainable and durable solutions

faceal Colour colour cards

We have developed the faceal colour color cards for work requiring the colouring of fair-faced concrete using the faceal Colour concrete glazes. The translucent hues of the glaze colour reflect on the concrete. So you can get an initial impression of how a certain colour, in a semi-transparent application, looks like concrete on the substrate.

  • Over 100 standard colours from applications proven in practice.


We use samples to help you choose the right colour scheme for your property. This way, you can get a "real" impression of what it will look like and compare ideas with other components you will require. When glazing fair-faced concrete, we work with real samples that replicate its individual look and feel.

  • Sample panels for an initial selection
  • On-site sampling at the property

Anti-graffiti maintenance concepts

We offer sustainable maintenance concepts for protection against graffiti damage. We apply our special graffiti and surface protection systems on the substrate. The aim is to keep buildings constantly free of graffiti. And if there is graffiti to be removed, we can do this without losing any of the substrate.

  • Anti-graffiti maintenance concept with free cleaning service