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We ensure your buidling surfaces are protected, coloured and optimised.

PSS – the company.

We ensure your building surfaces are protected, coloured and optimised.

Our group of companies specialises in the protection, colouring and optimisation of surfaces in buildings. We focus in particular on substrates made from exposed concrete, natural stone and artificial stone. We use our own specific technologies to protect, correct and colour, facades, ceilings, walls and floors. PSS is a one-stop-shop for technology, consulting services and implementation.

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The PSS Group has its headquarters in Geroldswil near Zürich in Switzerland as well as branches in Berlin. In addition to this, national representatives also offer services from PSS's unique portfolio. PSS can now look back on 25 years of experience. Because it specialises in the treatment of sensitive surfaces in buildings, PSS only uses qualified and experienced employees, which guarantees the skilled workmanship and high quality of the results. Equally experienced are the PSS specialist advisers who set up property specific solutions in their regions.

PSS uses its own technologies. In keeping with their motto of "Working with nature", PSS pays great attention to making sure that both their products and processes are ecological or at least follow the corresponding environmental directives and policies. A good example of this is the reversible graffiti and surface protection system PSS 20. Designed on the basis of plant polysaccharides (starch, cellulose), the protection system is 100% organic and provides completely environmentally-friendly protection against graffiti.

We promote sport!

Squash is a sport that represents dynamism, flexibility and of course good health. And these are qualities we stand for and pursue. That is why at our headquarters near Zurich, we have been actively involved in sports since 2014 - specifically for a mega-event in squash. We are there once again supporting the GC-Cup 2019 as a Gold Sponsor.

Date: from March 26th – 31st March 2019

Location: „Halle 622“, Zurich-Oerlikon


PSS Company - 25 years on

PSS celebrates its 25th anniversary!

It all began in 1991 with the patented PSS 20 protection system against graffiti. Our president and owner, Peter A. Buchli, laid the founding stone for the PSS Group in Geroldswil, near Zurich. "PSS 20 continues to amaze us just as it did 25 years ago. A complete novelty when it was conceived, our reversible protection system against graffiti, launched at the height of public awareness for environmentally friendly products, is still the ultimate choice for a residue-free and environmentally friendly anti-graffiti system," says Peter A. Buchli. After some innovative additions to its portfolio over the course of the company's history, the PSS of today is a competent provider for protection, colouring and optimisation in the construction industry - with particular focus on mineral substrates in internal and external areas for fair-faced concrete and historic sandstone buildings. PSS is celebrating its 25-year anniversary at its headquarters in Geroldswil, near Zurich and at its office in Berlin. "With our 25-year company anniversary, we are delighted to celebrate our presence in Switzerland and Germany. And the fact that we are able to successfully implement our specific services from a single source from all of our locations thanks to our teams of expert advisers and specialised skilled workers. Technology, consulting and implementation - and all this coupled with so many interesting, challenging and, above all, remarkable projects," says Peter A. Buchli.