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Protection, colouring and concrete cosmetics

Hand in hand: Product systems and their implementation

All this from just one supplier: Technology. Consulting. Implementation. Our specialist advisers will offer you the optimum solution for your property. They draw up the right, professional solution based on structures, surfaces and design concepts. Talk to one of our specialist advisers!

Targeted solutions for lasting value retention

  • Historic buildings
  • Architects / Planners
  • Building contractors
  • Building owners

Conservation of historic buildings

The demands placed on product systems and their treatment are very high when it comes to the conservation of historic buildings and monuments. We would like to focus specifically on the following aspects of this work from our specialised but comprehensive portfolio:

  • Professional cooperation with the conservationists: Presentation of products, samples and references
  • The ultimate solution: PSS 20 graffiti protection – since 1991 and exclusively from PSS, e.g. the Brandenburg Gate
  • Maintenance concept "clean wall"
  • Sophisticated maintenance concepts for the removal of graffiti on the basis of different economic models, including continuous monitoring, support and graffiti protection
  • Optimisation of the substrate: sealed porous substrates

Architects / Planners

So that architects and planners can implement functional and creative ideas in buildings, we offer a wide range of customised services:

  • Comprehensive Architect-Service package (faceal Colour color cards, samples on site, expert advice, documentation)
  • Look and feel: special products for their characteristic replication, samples in different grades of coverage for semi-transparent surfaces
  • Concrete cosmetics - Improvement / optimisation of concrete surfaces, correction of damaged areas

Building contractors

We offer building contractors solutions designed specifically around the respective property:

  • Intermediate solution as protection during the construction phase - no residue and cost-effective
  • Cleaning and the removal of graffiti for the handover of property
  • Graffiti and surface protection solutions that make good economic sense
  • Completions on schedule

Building owners

Are you the owner of a building? – Then we can offer you a complete set of references, on the one hand, as an example for our sustainable services and, on the other hand, to give you ideas for your project:

  • Product systems for reduced maintenance costs from the point of view of protection and durability
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the building
  • Creative colouring for an accentuated or even a dominant colour design in the building
  • Pure ecological products