Fair-faced concrete with surfaces of your choice: reworked, structured, reprofiled

PSS concrete cosmetics - a mineral-based solution for flawless results


Exposed concrete is a key architectural component of modern buildings. Architects and construction managers’ expectations are based partly on subjective assessments and partly on objective factors. When concrete is produced on site, defective areas can easily arise on concrete walls and floors. Signs of wear during the construction phase may also have damaged the concrete. Irrespective of the finished standard expected in the specific property (such as German standards SB1, SB2, SB3 or SB4), PSS concrete cosmetics can enhance the overall impression of the facade, wall, ceiling or floor to meet required specifications.

Concrete cosmetic

  • Reprofiling concrete
  • Restructuring concrete
  • Retouching concrete

Reprofiling concrete

It is generally necessary to reprofile exposed concrete when substantial defects have been identified. For example, visual faults of the following types may have been detected that at first sight often look irreparable:

  • defective edges and flaking
  • honeycombing, rough cavities, formwork ties
  • clear separation at the base of the formwork
  • drag water and flow marks, etc.

Such cases may require substantial rework. In this case, our PSS concrete cosmetic specialists will “repair” the defective areas. Using special mortars and powders for concrete cosmetics, any indentations are filled in and the surfaces expertly levelled off. The whole process is carried out by purely mineral means. This ensures excellent long-term adhesion and gives a characteristic mineral-type look, creating the basis for a unified surface appearance.

The RESULT: Equalised concrete surfaces in which the previous defective areas have been reintegrated and the characteristic appearance of the concrete finish restored.


Restructuring concrete

After the formwork has been stripped away, unwanted structures will often have been engraved into the concrete. The formwork can result in a defective surface if:

  • there are traces of unwanted formwork designs
  • there are no consistent formwork designs visible
  • there are unintended concrete burrs
  • a new formwork design is wanted.

Our specialists will create the new surface structure in a multi-stage process. This may involve levelling the concrete surface by means of reprofiling if necessary. New substrates are created for the finished concrete. At the same, any raised areas such as concrete burrs are levelled in a multi-stage process and the final concrete appearance is achieved by means of a carefully nuanced finishing of the surface.

The RESULT: A new formwork structure – with a deceptively convincing appearance, as if the concrete had been poured that way.

Retouching concrete

On construction sites, a number of factors tend to affect the optical appearance of the finished concrete. Common changes affecting the concrete surface include:

  • discolouration
  • incorrectly coloured concrete
  • rust stains
  • marks left by the formwork skin
  • formation of concrete burrs
  • marks left by the reinforcement

In such cases, our concrete cosmetic specialists will professionally prepare the substrate. The new mineral-based surface will then be applied to match the characteristic appearance of the exposed concrete in the building. The entire process is carried out either partially or over the entire surface in multiple carefully coordinated stages until the defective areas are no longer visible.

The RESULT- An exposed concrete surface with a flawless appearance – that is visually identical in terms of the characteristic appearance and feel of the concrete.