Enhancing mineral substrates with concrete glazes

faceal concrete glaze: give facades and walls that typical concrete look


Colours shape our living spaces. Inside as well as outside. Thanks to faceal Colour technology, facades and interiors become unique architectural pieces with their finely nuanced and individually graded coverage. Architects and builders can choose from the wide spectrum of 104 standard colours in the faceal colour range, the entire NCS or RAL colour palette, plus the PSS shading service. The faceal concrete glaze binds to the mineral substrate and is a real alternative to coloured concrete - both from a technical and an economic point of view. Create your own colour design to specifically suit your property with the glazed, coloured concrete from PSS. Our specialist advisers will be more than happy to help you in your choices.

Individual colour schemes with coloured concrete

  • Colour schemes for coloured concrete
  • Shading service

Colour schemes for coloured concrete

You'll be amazed and inspired by the faceal colour schemes on offer! We have managed to cover the entire spectrum of tones for coloured concrete in just four colour schemes. In addition to this you will see finely differentiated shades of grey graded up to the most intense black. Be inspired by the colour scheme samples for your choice of coloured concrete!






Shading service

Coloured or dyed concrete is dictated to by the current trends. Thanks to the semi-transparent faceal Colour concrete glaze and our Shading Service, we can satisfy your individual colour preferences for your project. Our PSS specialist advisers set up samples on-site based on our colour chart or they mix custom colours. Individual colour formulas are made up in our lab for the more exacting properties, helping to create distinctive colour schemes with a truly unique character. It's your choice: Use the faceal standard colours or our Shading Service for that special finishing touch to your property.