Enhancing mineral substrates with concrete glazes

faceal concrete glaze: give facades and walls that typical concrete look


faceal Colour Metallic exposed concrete colouring brings facades, ceilings and walls to life so they look simply amazing: The shimmering metallic sheen on the substrate is quite spectacular and exciting from all angles and lighting conditions. The finely pigmented colouring of exposed concrete creates amazing facades and extremely expressive settings and ambiences.

Decorative glazes

  • faceal Colour Metallic
  • faceal Colour Metallic 2C

faceal Colour Metallic

The multifunctional faceal Colour Metallic concrete glaze shines thanks to its countless brilliant properties:

  • shiny Metallic-Finish (gold, silver, bronze, aluminium)
  • mineral / without system overlaps
  • in varying grades of coverage
  • open to water vapour diffusion
  • UV-resistant
  • extremely weather-resistant
  • inside and outside

faceal Colour Metallic 2C

As a 2-component glaze, faceal Colour Metallic 2C combines high wear resistance with a brilliant shine on all mineral building materials such as concrete, etc.:

  • prevents the infiltration of water and oily liquids
  • lasting protection against graffiti and environmental pollution
  • open to water vapour diffusion
  • pigmented plus Metallic-Finish (gold, silver, bronze, aluminium)
  • mineral / without system overlaps
  • semi-transparent to opaque designs
  • Standard faceal shades of colour plus individual requests according to RAL or NCS charts
  • brings out the mineral character of the concrete
  • up to 90% biodegradable
  • UV-resistant
  • inside and outside