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Anti-graffiti systems


For properties in exposed locations, we offer prophylactic anti-graffiti coatings. Our PSS specialist advisers will draw up a solution tailored to the needs of your property, based on the properties of the substrate, e.g. concrete or sand stone, and your respective requirements. Their point of reference is the PSS portfolio with its reversible, semi-permanent and permanent technologies and product systems.

Graffiti protection

  • PSS20
  • faceal Oleo HD
  • Other systems

PSS20: ecological and reversible

Our PSS 20 graffiti and dirt protection products are based on polysaccharide technology and follow what is known as a sacrificial layering process. When the graffiti is removed, approximately 0.03mm of the ultra-thin protective film is also removed along with the graffiti, by means of hot water under a little pressure.

  • fully reversible
  • invisible
  • environmentally friendly - completely harmless for people, animals and the environment
  • completely permeable to water vapour
  • suitable for: natural stone and artificial stone, concrete and non-absorbent substrates
  • RAL-GZ 841/2 and BAST approved graffiti protection system
  • removal of graffiti without the use of chemicals
  • recommended for the preservation of historic buildings in numerous European countries
  • applied over 8 million m2 of building surfaces to date
  • tested extensively by renowned institutes

faceal Oleo HD – sustainable protection against graffiti that's not film-forming

The high-performance impregnation is only used on mineral substrates. Its silane groups bind permanently to the substrate without forming layers of film in the process. 

  • oleophobic and hydrophobic action
  • invisible protection of buildings
  • also especially suitable for dense, slightly porous substrates
  • does not change the water vapour diffusion properties of the substrate
  • withstands mechanical loads
  • is a so-called ‘permanent anti-graffiti protection system’: the graffiti is removed using chemical cleaning agents without affecting the protection
  • tested extensively by renowned institutes

PSS ING – the versatile all-rounder for professional graffiti protection

PSS ING is a product system offering versatile features. A sacrificial layer is applied on top of a basic protective coating. That is why in many cases it is the No. 1 alternative to numerous conventional anti-graffiti protection systems.

  • partially reversible
  • the basic protection coating remains permanently in the substrate
  • invisible
  • Open to water vapour diffusion
  • RAL GZ 821/2 certified

Other systems

At the customer's request, we also use other application techniques based on the conventional product systems, such as the micor-wax-based system VVP10/VVP50. In comparison with the specific PSS technologies, these can have the same limitations in terms of functionality and appearance - in particular when considered over the long-term. If the client so wishes, we can also offer other products from our range.