Beautiful surfaces that last

PSS protection for the construction phase


It can sometimes get very hectic on construction sites. Even in a well-organised construction process, for example, it is not easy to deliver a professionally produced exposed concrete surface in an impeccable state, in terms of aesthetics, at the end of a construction period of several weeks or even months. Many dangers lie in wait here: Streaks of rust, laitence, dirt and much more. The PSS 20 reversible surface protection offers a professional solution.

Protection during the building phase

  • PSS 20

PSS 20

Our PSS 20 reversible surface protection system, which is also applied as a graffiti protection system, provides all the important parameters for a flawless surface at the end of the construction phase. At the end of this phase, all the soil-based and water-based dirt and stains are rinsed off together with the surface protection coating by means of hot water under gentle pressure:

  • protects against construction dirt, laitence, rusty water and graffiti
  • efficient as it is applied using an airless method
  • can be removed using hot water without leaving any residue
  • completely environmentally friendly - based on plant polysaccharides
  • cost-effective
  • no waste for disposal (as is the case, for example, when using tarpaulin)