Beautiful surfaces that last

PSS protection for surfaces, floors and for the construction phase, plus anti-graffiti systems


The PSS specialists protect facades, walls and floors. Most used are PSS application systems from faceal and PSS-polysaccharide technology that are matched to fit in with the property. Proven in practice and applied over millions of square metres, they have established themselves in the market as the solution for efficient surface protection and anti-graffiti systems.

Constant maintenance of surfaces with a concept

  • Graffiti protection with a concept
  • Removal of graffiti
  • Cleaning surfaces

Graffiti protection with a concept

Prophylactic graffiti protection is crucial for sustainably maintaining the value of building work. That is why we recommend graffiti protection with a concept, i.e. a property-specific maintenance concept - including free cleaning services. This ensures the immediate, residue-free and gentle removal of all the unsightly graffiti. Experience has shown that if the graffiti is removed quickly and in full, the "artists" are much less likely to use this as their canvas again.

Removal of graffiti

If you have graffiti on unprotected substrates, then we have some solutions for you: The experts from PSS will remove the graffiti using special products. We cannot exclude the possibility of residual halos. We do not use abrasive methods, because although these remove the graffiti they usually leave traces and wear down the surface of the substrate. We used fully tried and tested technologies based on polysaccharide and faceal systems to avoid this.

Cleaning surfaces

Naturally we clean the mineral substrates of your buildings. To do this we use specialised equipment and vehicles. In conjunction with our faceal (high-performance) impregnation, we get the best results. On the one hand, impregnated surfaces have high self-cleaning properties and, on the other hand, the dirt does not adhere as firmly to the surface, which means that it can be easily cleaned using low-level pressure.