Beautiful surfaces that last

PSS protection for surfaces


PSS Interservice offers a corresponding functional surface protection for many mineral substrates.  To do this, we use products from our range that have specific properties. The goal always remains the same: to permanently protect the surfaces from oil-based or water-based contaminants, whilst ensuring the appearance of the building material is not altered.

Surface protection

  • faceal surface protection systems

faceal surface protection systems - for facades, walls and floors

Special faceal products are applied on the respective mineral substrates on the basis of faceal technology. For example, it is very important to determine whether a hard, smooth, only slightly porous stone is to be treated or a "soft", highly porous and very absorbent stone. Whichever faceal product is applied, it is distinguished by is excellent properties. faceal surface protection systems can be used not only on vertical surfaces, but also on horizontal substrates such as floors and stairs:

  • oleophobic and hydrophobic
  • visually imperceptible
  • selectively tailored to suit the nature of the substrate
  • does not change the water vapour diffusion properties of the substrate
  • withstands mechanical loads