Barth Galvanik, Oberursel
Reworked uneven exposed concrete look for a uniform surface finish
Barth Galvanik, Oberursel
Type of buidling:
Office building
faceal Colour:
Berlin Concrete
PSS Interservice / insevia GmbH

Barth Galvanik, Oberursel

Enhanced surfaces

The new logistics centre is the focal point of the company, which specialises in metallic surface enhancement. On the rear side of the metal-clad function hall, the façade of the offices and ancillary rooms is visually set apart with an exposed concrete façade.

The appearance of the surface of the pre-cast concrete elements proved to be very uneven. The aim was to improve the visual appearance while preserving the typical look and feel of exposed concrete. For example, the façade was completely reworked in several cycles with faceal Colour using a defined degree of coverage. The multifunctional concrete glaze gives off the typical look of exposed concrete over 800 m2 in the colour of Berlin Concrete and also protects the previously absorbent substrate from water, oil and grease-based staining. The faceal Colour concrete glaze bonds to the absorbent mineral substrate on the basis of its silane groups
resulting in the lasting enhancement of the façade.

  • Exposed concrete coloured and protected with faceal Colour

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