Guest house, Ammersee
Protected dyed concrete impregnated with faceal Oleo HD
Guest house, Ammersee
Type of buidling:
Guest house
Axel Tilch, Gisela Drexler Architekten
PSS Interservice / insevia GmbH

Guest house, Ammersee

Authentic look

This guest house by the lake at Ammersee is a real head-turner thanks to its slimline and therefore all the more striking design. Everything is extraordinary from the layout to the finish in a striking, solid-coloured in situ concrete in a distinctive red.

The house, built at acute angles, follows the tapered form of the property’s plot of land. Spread over an area of 50 m2, the house has a living room and one bedroom. The 50-centimetre-thick concrete walls distinguish the house. They are completely solid-coloured and look as though they are cast. Their original appearance is typical of this. The concrete walls are manufactured in a distinctive quality with visible formwork structures and a porous surface. The surface and weather protection system of faceal Oleo HD ensures the authentic look is preserved.

  • Concrete façade protected with faceal Oleo HD


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