Majowa, Bern
Invisible protection, treated with faceal Oleo HD
Majowa, Bern
Type of buidling:
Office building
PSS Interservice / insevia GmbH

Majowa, Bern

Harmonious structure

The Wankdorf City Majowa project was realised on a plot of land in the Bernese district of Wankdorf: an office building with 1,800 work stations. The seven-storey building has a harmoniously structured facade that is classically divided into a base, middle section and attic. The refined look of the flagged concrete supports the effect projected by the facade of this business building.

It is not just the silky smooth appearance of the flagged concrete that plays an important role in the look of the facade, but also its absorbent surface finish that is created by its open-pore structure. As a consequence, this necessitates different requirements in the 3 sections of the building: Splashes must be avoided in the base section and the facade of the lower area must likewise be protected against graffiti and dirt. The entire facade of the building must be protected against the effects of the weather and pollution. The high-performance waterproofing system faceal Oleo HD provides this oleophobic and hydrophobic protection.

  • Non-bearing concrete flagging protected against oil and water-based dirt with faceal Oleo HD.

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