National Bank, Bern
All-round protection against graffiti and dirt with PSS 20
National Bank, Bern
Type of buidling:
Historic building
PSS Interservice / insevia GmbH

National Bank, Bern

Completely safe

Right next to the Federal Parliament building is the Swiss National Bank building. The building is over 100 years old, has its main entrance on the Bundesplatz and can also be freely accessed on both long sides.

The National Bank building presents itself gracefully with its main entrance on the Bundesplatz. This structure is also built with the distinctive Bernese sandstone. Owing to its exposed position – as with the Federal Parliament building –and the same substrate properties, a non-visible graffiti and surface protection was applied as a sacrificial layer system. As a prophylactic measure, PSS 20 was applied to the entire façade.

  • Sandstone façade protected with PSS 20

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